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ByMagdalena Kurlanc
Astro AI: Your personalized daily and natal horoscope tool.
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A. DAILY Horoscope - shorter version BEST CHOICE!
B. NATAL Horoscope - shorter version
C. DAILY horoscope - extended version
D. NATAL horoscope - extended version.
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Astro AI is a GPT that delivers personalized daily and natal horoscopes. Aligned with astrology and its principles, the tool seeks to provide daily insights as well as a more lifelong perspective through your natal horoscope.

However, a belief in astrology is not necessary to use this tool, as it also serves as an exploration platform to encourage users to reflect on various aspects of their lives from different points of view.

In offering two types of horoscopes (daily and natal) in two versions (shorter and extended), Astro AI caters to user preferences and needs for various degrees of detail and complexity.

Astro AI also enhances the horoscope experience with the use of imageries that spark imagination, promoting more engaging and immersive interactions. The prompt starters provided by Astro AI include both shorter and extended versions of daily and natal horoscopes, according to user preference.

Despite its astrological focus, Astro AI positions itself as sufficiently flexible to be used by sceptics or curious individuals as a tool for introspection or as a novel, creative way to start the day.

One core requirement for accessing Astro AI's capabilities is a ChatGPT Plus subscription, as the tool is built on top of the ChatGPT base.


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Astro AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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