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Calculate all planetary signs for my birthday.
What are my astrological planet positions?
Provide a full planetary analysis based on my birth date.
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ZodiacGPT is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) built with the purpose of providing astrological insights tailored to individual users. This innovative GPT interprets astrological information based on the user's birth date and time, offering a highly customized astrological experience.

With the primary function of calculating the positions of various planetary bodies at the specific time of a user's birth, ZodiacGPT can provide comprehensive astrological analyses.

Users may request their astrological planet positions or a full planetary analysis based on their birth date. Thus, ZodiacGPT operates as a personalised astrologer, employing the AI capabilities of the ChatGPT model it is built on, extending its functions to the specific domain of astrology.

As the tool requires ChatGPT Plus, its user experience aligns with the high-quality, interactive nature of the GPT model. ZodiacGPT is a unique blend of artificial intelligence and astrology, designed to meet the user's curiosity about astrological insights in an accessible and personal way.


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