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Your guide to the stars' wisdom.
GPT welcome message: Welcome, seeker. Share your birth details for cosmic insights.
Sample prompts:
What does my birth chart reveal?
How do our charts align for a relationship?
What insights do the stars offer for my path?
Can you compare our charts for compatibility?
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Mystic Oracle is a GPT designed to provide cosmic insights based on an individual's birth details. The primary goal of this tool is to guide users towards the wisdom of the stars.

It collects birth information to generate astrological data, interpret birth charts, provide relationship compatibility insights, and offer personalized spiritual guidance according to astrological principles.

Upon signing up, the user is invited to share birth details as a basis for this cosmic experience. The GPT supports a variety of prompts from users, including but not limited to inquiries about revealing information from their birth chart, alignment for relationships based on different birth charts, and insights the stars might offer for their life path.

Additionally, Mystic Oracle can compare multiple birth charts for compatibility considerations. While it requires ChatGPT Plus, Mystic Oracle is built by community builders aiming to make astrology knowledge accessible, interactive, and personalised.

Mystic Oracle illustrates the innovative use of GPT technology to bridge the gap between technology and the spiritual world, offering a unique blend of AI capabilities with age-old astrological wisdom.

However, users should always consult with appropriate professionals for serious life decisions.


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Mystic Oracle was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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