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ByDalexa Limited
Expert astrologer GPT, answering with your birth info.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Please share your birth date, time, and location for your astrology reading.
Sample prompts:
What does my birth chart say about me?
Can you analyze my love life through astrology?
Tell me about my career prospects astrologically.
How will the planets affect me this year?
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Astrology Birth Chart GPT is a digital tool powered by GPT expertise, that provides personalized astrology insights based on users' birth information. It is designed to interpret celestial influences on someone's life and personality as per astrology practices.

The tool requires birth date, time, and location data from users in order to generate comprehensive readings in response to queries.The GPT's functionality extends across various facets of astrology analysis.

It offers compatibility with a range of prompts, covering aspects such as self-knowledge, love life, career prospects, or effects of planets on the user's life throughout the year.

For example, users might ask it to elaborate on what their birth chart says about their personality, seek analysis of their love life through astrology, inquire about their astrological career prospects, or explore how planetary movements could impact them within a particular year.Developed by Dalexa Limited, this tool requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus for access.

Its primary utility lies in providing easy and accessible astrological readings, adjusting the complexity of astrology into easy-to-understand insights for users.

By functioning as a responsive GPT, it helps users explore astrological influences using easy-to-follow text dialogue. It offers an engaging way to delve into personal astrology, right from the exploration of natal charts to understanding how astrological changes could shape one's life path.


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Astrology Birth Chart GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2023.
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