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Predictions based on birth charts.
Generated by ChatGPT

Based on the limited content provided, it is difficult to ascertain the specific functionality of the Jeffrey Célavie AI tool. The page appears to be a personal website promoting the Jeffrey Célavie brand and the Cool Kidz project, with several logos and links to external sites.

One section of the page invites visitors to access the "JC AI Oracle, Horoscope, Astrologer," which requests their birth city, date, and hour, with no clarity on what information or insights the tool provides.

There is also a feedback form for visitors to share their experiences using the tool, indicating that the developer seeks input from users to potentially improve the offering.

Interestingly, the page also includes a call to action to join the developer's team, although there is no indication of what skills or roles may be sought after.

Without further information from the site owner, it is challenging to provide a comprehensive and objective description of the Jeffrey Célavie AI tool's capabilities or intended use case.


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Feb 12, 2024
Can u tell me my lucky number?
Oct 28, 2023
meri job kab lagegi? or kaun se field me lagegi
Oct 27, 2023
Mera future kesa hoga
Oct 14, 2023
What about my love life and career
Oct 12, 2023
What is my business
Oct 2, 2023
Way is my name
Sep 29, 2023
What is my job
Sep 27, 2023
When I will get my success as a makeup artist?
Sep 23, 2023
what about my business
Aug 31, 2023
No website doesn't work
Aug 22, 2023
My wife name
Aug 22, 2023
What is my wife name
Aug 21, 2023
When I got my true love
Aug 20, 2023
My wife name
Aug 20, 2023
My wife name
Aug 20, 2023
Kal mere colloge me kya hoga
Aug 20, 2023
pls mujhe mere future k bare me bataye (pls tell me my future )
Aug 19, 2023
My future let me show
Aug 19, 2023
Heyy my future
Aug 15, 2023
I need to know my future
Aug 14, 2023
Hi, when coming best time in life
Aug 14, 2023
What i do job or business
Aug 14, 2023
I do job or business
Aug 12, 2023
What is my wife name
Aug 12, 2023
What is my hobby
Aug 6, 2023
what is my name
Aug 5, 2023
what is my name
Jul 10, 2023
Mera naam Kay h
Jul 10, 2023
Tell me about my future
Jun 28, 2023
This is a great concept and experience. They improve it everyday. I feel like it is useful. They base their very specific calculation on ancient and new astrology. It makes good advices without lies
May 12, 2023
Not really accurate. I already know my sun, moon, and rising and the programme got the moon andrising wrong. I did write the place of birth (city, country) and time (xx:xx am) correctly

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Pros and Cons


User feedback integration
Personalized astrology predictions
Birth chart inputs
Active social media presence
Linked with external projects
Team expansion potential
Potential improvement based on feedback
Accessibility for input


Unclear functionality
No explicit privacy policy
Lacks detailed instructions
Feedback required
No API integration
Predictions not explained
Lacks usability features
Potential skills requirement
Only English language support
No offline usage


What is Jeffrey Célavie?
What is the purpose of the Jeffrey Célavie AI tool?
How does Jeffrey Célavie use astrology for predictions?
How does the Jeffrey Célavie AI generate horoscopes based on birth charts?
What information do I need to provide for the Jeffrey Célavie AI to generate a prediction?
What kind of insights does the Jeffrey Célavie AI tool provide?
How can I share my experience using Jeffrey Célavie?
What is the relationship between Jeffrey Célavie and the Cool Kidz project?
Is Jeffrey Célavie looking to expand its team?
Where can I find more information about the Cool Kidz project?
Where can I access the Jeffrey Célavie AI Oracle, Horoscope, Astrologer?
What happens after I submit my birth details to Jeffrey Célavie?
Can I provide feedback on the output of the Jeffrey Célavie AI tool?
How would Jeffrey Célavie use the feedback provided by users?
Is the Jeffrey Célavie AI tool accessible on mobile devices?
Do I need to pay to use the Jeffrey Célavie AI tool?
Is my personal information safe with Jeffrey Célavie?
What are the social media platforms where Jeffrey Célavie is present?
How often are the astrology predictions updated on Jeffrey Célavie?
How is the Jeffrey Célavie AI tool different from other astrological tools available?

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