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The Datasette-ChatGPT-plugin is a toolkit for Datasette that transforms a Datasette instance into a ChatGPT plugin. This plugin allows users to query their data using automated Q&A chatbots powered by OpenAI's GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models.

With this plugin, users can pose questions in natural language and get relevant insights from their data in real-time through the chatbot. However, it should be noted that the results generated by ChatGPT may not always be entirely accurate.

To set up this plugin, users must install it on the same environment as Datasette. Once installed, users can access ChatGPT using the Plugin store. Users need access to the preview to use ChatGPT, and if they don't have access, they can develop their plugin.

Users can ask ChatGPT to perform various functions, such as displaying a list of available tables or showing the first ten rows of a specific table.The plugin provides users with a single database, which is the first database attached to the instance.

This plugin is available for installation from PyPI, alongside other plugins and extensions for Datasette. This plugin is suitable for users looking to exploit ChatGPT to provide a conversational interface that helps them to extract insights quickly and efficiently from their data, using a natural language interface.


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Datasette ChatGPT plugin was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time data analysis
Natural language queries
Chatbot data querying
Transforms Datasette into ChatGPT
Versatile functionality
Single instance database
Available on PyPI
Efficient data insight extraction
Queries available tables
Shows specific table rows
Deployed on same environment
Accessible through Plugin store
Potential for plugin development
Allows question posing
Automated Q&A chatbots
Results in real-time
Useful for data exploration
Custom query-function mapping
Creates conversational interface


Limited to single database
Inaccurate results possible
Requires Datasette environment
Setup potentially complicated
Dependent on preview access
Potential hallucination issues
Exclusively on PyPI
Limited query examples
Minor user adaptability


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Is the Datasette ChatGPT plugin compatible with other Datasette plugins and extensions?
Where can I find the Datasette ChatGPT plugin for installation?
What kind of queries can I make using the Datasette ChatGPT plugin?
In what format does the Datasette ChatGPT plugin deliver the results?
Why do I need access to the preview to use Datasette ChatGPT plugin and what if I don't have it?
What happens when I install the Datasette ChatGPT plugin in my Datasette instance?
What databases can the Datasette ChatGPT plugin expose?
In what scenarios can the Datasette ChatGPT plugin be most useful?
Can I develop my own plugin using Datasette ChatGPT plugin if it doesn't meet my needs?
How can the Datasette ChatGPT plugin help me better understand my data?
How is the Datasette ChatGPT plugin different from other AI tools?
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