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Instant chat for website communication.
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Helper-AI is an AI tool that offers Instant Access ChatGPT on any website. Users can download the whole source code and modify, redistribute, or resell it.

The tool is owned forever by the user, providing them with endless opportunity to customize the product. The founder of Helper-AI claims to have made $400+ in just five days by selling the source code of the AI tool.

The tool also includes a newsletter that provides a biweekly five new and unique product ideas with income proof. The website uses cookies from Google to deliver its services and analyze traffic, and users agree to its use of cookies when using the site.

The AI tool offers support to users by providing the email address [email protected] for any doubts, questions, feedback, or anything that the users would like to share.Overall, Helper-AI seems to be a useful AI tool for anyone who wishes to integrate a ChatGPT instant access feature on their website.

It provides users with complete ownership of the source code to modify as per their requirements and has the support of the founder and newsletter for ongoing guidance.


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Helper-AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Instant access ChatGPT
Website compatibility
Source code provided
Ownership of source code
Endless customization
Redistribution rights
Reselling rights
Potential to earn
Access to newsletter
Biweekly product ideas
Income proof provided
Email support
Traffic analysis
Data shared with Google
Compliant with Google cookies
Continual product updates


Requires tech skills for modifications
Potential privacy concerns with cookies
Support only via email
No mentioned real-time support
Unclear update/upgrade process
Unclear bug tracking system
Reliant on Google for traffic analysis
Limited features without coding expertise
No community support forum
Non-transparent income proof


What is Helper-AI?
What functions does Helper-AI offer?
What is the Instant Access ChatGPT feature in Helper-AI?
How can I modify the source code of Helper-AI?
What are the rules for redistributing or reselling Helper-AI?
How often are newsletters from Helper-AI released?
What type of content can I expect in Helper-AI's newsletter?
What is the income proof provided with Helper-AI's product ideas?
What cookies does Helper-AI use from Google?
How does Helper-AI analyze traffic?
How can I contact Helper-AI for support or feedback?
Why does Helper-AI offer the entire source code?
Can I integrate Helper-AI on any website?
What is the selling price of Helper-AI's source code?
Has the founder of Helper-AI had success in selling the AI tool?
Is it possible to own Helper-AI forever?
What modifications can be made to the Helper-AI's source code?
How can users navigate on the Helper-AI website?
What information does Google share with Helper-AI?
What user data does Helper-AI collect?


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