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Fast personalized assistant for Mac users.
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Embra is a fast, chatbot-like assistant for Mac users. It provides personalized AI services and is designed to work with Chrome and other applications to unlock creativity and productivity.

Embra can help with questions and answers, brainstorming, writing, reading, and coding. It is designed to be one second away from users and can pull in contextual data from Chrome and other apps to help speed up the user's process.

Embra is still in beta, but users can sign up for access. It is developed by Civilized Labs, LLC and is subject to their Terms and Privacy Policy.


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Embra was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Fast response times
Compatible with Chrome
Contextual data pull from apps
Boosts productivity
Facilitates creativity
Supports Q&A, writing, coding
Still improving (in beta)
Supports brainstorming
Constant availability (one second away)
Can assist with reading
Personalized to user's work


Mac exclusive
Still in beta
No explicit multi-language support
Dependent on other apps
Limited to certain tasks
No standalone capabilities
Subject to Terms and Privacy Policy
Developer not recognized
No Android or iOS version
No explicit offline support


What is Embra?
How does Embra work?
Is Embra free to use or is it a paid tool?
Can Embra work with any browser or only Chrome?
How quickly can Embra pull information from other applications?
In which ways can Embra support my writing and reading tasks?
Can Embra be used for coding? If yes, how?
How does Embra help with brainstorming?
What specific personalized AI services does Embra offer?
Does Embra work only with Mac or is there support for other OS too?
Is Embra a chatbot or it has more features than a traditional chatbot?
What kind of questions can Embra help answer?
How can I get access to Embra's beta version?
What do I get upon signing up for Embra's beta access?
Is the use of Embra subject to any terms and privacy policies?
Who developed Embra and where can I learn more about Civilized Labs, LLC?
How does Embra enhance productivity?
How can Embra unlock creativity?
Where is the sign up and login option in Embra?
Can Embra assist with other tasks apart from Q&A, brainstorming, writing, reading, and coding?


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