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The ChatGPT Prompt Generator is an MS Excel-based tool that allows users to create unlimited prompts for their copywriting, blog post, and video ads scripts.

It offers four worksheets, including the Copywriting Prompts Generator, which automates the process of generating copywriting prompts based on six key variables like product/service, target audience, USP, pain points, Case Study, and CTA, and offers 14 different copywriting models to choose from.

The tool also includes a Video Ads’ Prompt Generator, which can be used to generate prompts for regular reels and shorts, and the Video Ads Prompts Specimen, which shows how the prompts will look like.

Designed for businessmen and content writers, the tool offers a strategy-driven approach to content creation that focuses on smart work over hard work.

By cutting down the cost of content while still producing high-quality work, the ChatGPT Prompt Generator can help businesses improve their marketing strategies, while allowing content writers to work on tasks that require creativity and emotion.

The tool is easy to use and offers a higher level of specificity compared to other generic AI tools available online. Overall, the ChatGPT Prompt Generator is a powerful content generation tool that offers a comprehensive and straightforward way for businesses and content writers to generate high-quality content quickly and efficiently.


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Pros and Cons


Generates unlimited prompts
MS Excel based
Four distinct worksheets
Automates copywriting prompts generation
14 different copywriting models
Generates video ad prompts
Includes video ads specimen
Blogpost prompts generator
High level of specificity
Designed for businessmen and writers
Cuts down content cost
Promotes smart work
Improves marketing strategies
Can be used for reels and shorts
Allows creativity in writing
Easy to use
Generates high-quality content
Faster content generation
Generates script for videos
Targets key variables like USP
Targets Key variables like target audience
Targets key variables like case study
Targets key variables like CTA
Addresses all blogpost ranking attributes
Refines copywriting with variables
Cost-efficient for small businesses
Time-saver for writers
Decreases over-reliance on copywriters
Optimized for keyword focused content
Models reusable on multiple projects
Designed to outperform similar tools
Doesn't limit number of prompt use
Enables focus on important tasks
Content customization with given variables
Direct copy-paste prompts into ChatGPT
Illustrates generated prompt representation
Handles variable input for storylines
Handles variable input for product details
Handles variable input for USPs
Wide-ranging utility for various content types
Generates multi-variable based prompts
Higher content output than competitors
Platform for smart and efficient work
Generates content meeting specific needs
Reduces hard work in content generation
Good for learning and improving copywriting
Targets key variables like product/service
Targets key variables like pain points


Requires MS Excel
No live updates
No collaborative functionality
Limited to 14 models
No user customizability
Lacks analytics integration
No multi-platform compatibility
No auto-saving feature
JavaScript dependency
No offline usage possibility


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