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ByJohn Harvey
Specializes in writing video prompts.
GPT welcome message: Ready to craft your AI video prompt with a global touch!
Sample prompts:
Describe a futuristic cityscape for a sci-fi video.
Craft a prompt for a horror video set in an old mansion.
Generate a romantic scene prompt set at sunset.
Write a prompt for an action video with dynamic lighting.
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Master Video Prompt Artist is a GPT specializing in creating written prompts for videos. Catering to various genres and themes, its functionalities extend from writing descriptions of futuristic cityscapes for sci-fi videos to crafting prompts for horror videos set in old mansions.

It also has the capability to generate romantic scene prompts set at sunset, and to write prompts for action videos with dynamic lighting. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for video creators, scriptwriters, and anyone involved in content planning in the film industry.

It provides a uniquely AI driven approach to conceptualizing and planning video content. It requires ChatGPT Plus for utilization and its prompts can be crafted with a distinct global touch.

Access to the Master Video Prompt Artist can be achieved through the sign-up process, allowing users to chat with the AI. While this tool serves as a creative assistant, the user maintains complete creative control over the final outcome or selection of prompts.

The tool is a creation by John Harvey.


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