Chrome tab grouping 2023-04-09
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Groups Chrome tabs intelligently.
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TabTamer is an AI-powered Chrome extension that helps to group your tabs intelligently based on a prompt. This extension provides a user-friendly way to group tabs based on a simple prompt with the help of OpenAI's GPT-3 technology.

Note that to use this extension, users will need to add their own API key, and the instructions for doing so are provided when the extension is first installed.

The API key is safely stored in the user's browser memory and only used to make requests to the OpenAI API, ensuring user privacy and security. This tool can be incredibly helpful for individuals who work with many tabs at once and especially for those who struggle with organizing them efficiently.

Users looking for improved productivity and a streamlined workflow will find this tool useful. Additionally, this extension is offered by the owner of the listed website and has no history of violations.

The developer has also disclosed that it will not collect or use user data, so users can trust that their privacy is being respected. Overall, TabTamer is a cost-effective and easy-to-use AI-powered tool that can increase productivity and efficiency when working with multiple tabs in Chrome.


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May 4, 2023
Didn't work sadly, kept getting "Something went wrong. Please try resetting your API key if the problem persists", no matter what I tried.

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TabTamer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Intelligent tab grouping
User-friendly interface
Requires user's own API key
API key stored in browser
Increases productivity
Streamlines workflow
No history of violations
Respects user privacy
Easy to install and use
Instructions for use provided
Privacy policy available
Compatible with Chrome browser
Secure browser memory storage
Developer support available
Safe to use (no data misuse)
Does not collect user data
No third-party data selling
Offers efficient tab organization
Lightweight extension
Improves browsing efficiency


Requires user-provided API key
Limited to Chrome browser
Only groups on prompts
User data stored in browser
No data collection limits personalization
Not compatible with guest or Incognito windows
No support mentioned
No reviews for user experience insight
Updated last in 2023
Competition with similar features


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What do I need to use TabTamer?
How is the API key used in TabTamer?
Is using TabTamer safe for my online privacy?
Is TabTamer useful for improving productivity while working with multiple tabs?
How does TabTamer increase efficiency when working with Chrome tabs?
Can I trust the privacy and security features of TabTamer?
Who is the developer of TabTamer?
How big is the extension file for TabTamer?
Do I need to be a developer to use TabTamer?
How does TabTamer handle my data?
Does TabTamer sell user data to third parties?
Can I use TabTamer if I don't have my own API key?
How does TabTamer compare to other AI-powered Chrome extensions?
Can TabTamer work without access to the Internet?
Does TabTamer offer support for problems or questions?


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