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Creates stunning visual content from text prompts.
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Polarr Copilot is an AI tool used for transforming text prompts into stunning photo, video, and design edits. The tool offers a range of features for photo editing, including background edits, color adjustments, and object selection, while also providing a 24FPS Copilot for more complex video effects.

The Design Copilot, on the other hand, produces customized social posts based on your input images. Using machine learning models trained on filters and edits made in Polarr, the Copilots can capture trends and predict adjustments based on a text prompt, creating entirely new edits from scratch.

The tool provides a photorealistic workflow and allows you to easily create variations to refine your edits. Polarr Copilots promises high-resolution outputs, making it suitable for various applications, and exports large files to meet every requirement.

The tool's team is committed to providing a safe environment for users, and the Copilots include protective measures to prevent the generation of harmful or unsafe edits.

The Polarr Copilot is currently available to use for free for all iOS users located in the United States inside the Polarr app or 24FPS app. Users can upload their image or video to the cloud for processing without any visibility to a human.

Polarr Copilot offers a range of benefits to its users, including achieving desired results, saving time during editing workflows, and finding communicating with Copilot easier than manual editing.


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Polarr Copilot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms text into visuals
Offers photo editing features
Performs complex video effects
Generates customized social posts
Creates new edits from scratch
Photorealistic workflow
Generates varied output options
Exports large files
Safe user environment
Protective measures against harmful edits
Available for free
Cloud-based processing
Automated result achieving
Time-saving in editing workflows
Easy communication
Performs background edits
Provides color adjustments
Includes object selection feature
Face Tracking in videos
Discover filters automatically
Adds unique overlays
Face editing (coming soon)
Erasing tech (coming soon)
Utilizes community-generated edits
High Resolution Outputs
Easily adjust and refine
Maintains user privacy


iOS only
US users only
Uploads to cloud for processing
Potential privacy concerns
Text prompt results variability
Not suitable for manual edits
No face editing yet
No object erasing yet
Limited filter discovery
No direct API access


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How do users interact with Polarr Copilot?
What benefits does Polarr Copilot offer to users?
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Can Polarr Copilot create variations in my edits?
What kinds of applications is Polarr Copilot suitable for?
How does Polarr Copilot predict adjustments based on a text prompt?
Can changes or edits on Polarr Copilot be refined after they are made?
What measures does Polarr Copilot have against harmful or unsafe edits?
How do the Polarr Copilots capture trends?
What measures are taken to protect user data on Polarr Copilot?

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