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Generate food photos for marketing and listings.
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PlatePose is an AI-powered tool that generates professional food photos for delivery listings, marketing, and social media profiles. The tool provides users with 50+ AI food pictures in 5 different styles, and the user retains ownership of all generated images.

To use the tool, users need to upload 10-20 pictures of their dishes from different angles, backgrounds, and lighting conditions. The AI model generated by PlatePose then analyses these images and generates 50+ unique food pictures.

The results can be downloaded once they are ready, which typically takes 48 hours. PlatePose offers three pricing packages. The cheapest option is a one-credit package which generates AI food pictures for one dish.

The most value-for-money option is the 5-credits package which generates pictures for five dishes. PlatePose also offers an enterprise package for brands and ghost kitchens.

The tool is a one-time payment product without any subscription fees. The tool has received positive feedback from its users, and the WeCook network of independent freelance chefs notes that PlatePose streamlines the production of quality, on-brand, and diverse image content for independents.

However, as the images are generated by AI, some may not look like the original dishes, so the tool provides multiple options from each style. PlatePose advises users to not use the tool to deceive customers about what they are buying.


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Pros and Cons


Generates professional food photos
User retains image ownership
Various pricing packages
No subscription fees
Positive user feedback
50+ unique images
5 different styles
Custom workflows available
Quality images for marketing
Streamlines image content production
Generates images for multiple dishes
Solution for brands and kitchens
Fast turnaround time
Images fully licensed to user
Multiple options per style
Priority support offered
High resolution images
Cost-effective compared to photoshoots
One-time payment
Practical for social media profiles
Images can be downloaded
Provides diverse image content


48-hour wait for results
Results may look odd
Requires 10-20 source images
Only 5 styles available
Limited to 512px resolution
Misrepresentation potential of dishes
Prices per dish
Enterprise package varies in price
Potentially longer review time
Variation in generated quality


What is PlatePose?
How does PlatePose generate the food images?
How many food pictures can PlatePose produce?
In which styles can PlatePose generate food pictures?
What kind of images should I upload for PlatePose to generate images?
How long does it take for PlatePose to generate the images?
What are the pricing packages of PlatePose?
Do I retain the ownership of images generated by PlatePose?
Has PlatePose received any positive feedback from users?
Can the images generated by PlatePose look different from the original dish?
Can PlatePose be used for social media posts?
Can I use PlatePose for delivery listings?
Is there a subscription fee for using PlatePose?
How do I get started with PlatePose?
How many images do I need to upload for generating a single dish photo?
Does PlatePose support generating images for a full menu?
What kind of support is available for brands and ghost kitchens?
What resolution can I expect from PlatePose generated images?
Can I use my PlatePose generated images for marketing?
Can PlatePose help me generate diverse image content?

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