Recipes 20 Jan 2023
Create unique recipes by selecting ingredients.

Generated by ChatGPT

LittlecookAI is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create their own recipes. The tool enables users to select from a list of ingredients, with the option to choose up to five ingredients per recipe.

Once the ingredients have been chosen, the AI algorithm generates a unique recipe based on those ingredients. The user's name becomes a part of the recipe title.LittlecookAI is a beta version and is currently only available on the Apple app store, with plans for an Android version release later this year.

The tool advises that users should not actually cook or eat the generated recipes.Overall, LittlecookAI is a fun and creative tool that allows users to explore new flavors and ingredients, while experiment with different recipe combinations.

It's a great platform for individuals who enjoy creating unique dishes and experimenting with various ingredients, without the need for extensive cooking knowledge or culinary training.


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