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Personalized recipe generator for meal planning
Generated by ChatGPT

Meal GOAT is a personalized recipe generator app that aims to help users discover delicious recipes or generate new ones based on the ingredients they have on hand.

The app is designed to alleviate meal planning stress by providing easy access to a variety of gourmet meal options. With the ingredient-based recipe generation feature, users can input the ingredients they have available, and the app's AI technology will generate suitable recipes accordingly.

This feature allows users to experiment with different ingredients and explore new culinary creations.Users also have the option to save their favorite recipes for future cravings, ensuring easy access to recipes they enjoyed.

They can also share their culinary creations on social media to impress friends and generate and share drink recipes as well.Early users have praised the app for its ability to suggest new recipes based on available ingredients, eliminating mealtime monotony.

They also appreciate the convenience and time-saving aspect, as the app takes away the need to think about what to cook.Meal GOAT is available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

The app has garnered over 10,000 recipe generations and received more than 130 invites within 24 hours, indicating its popularity among users.Overall, Meal GOAT offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for those seeking inspiration and convenience in their cooking routines.


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Meal GOAT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Ingredient-based recipe generation
Gourmet meal options
Save favorite recipes
Share recipes on social
Includes drink recipes
Reduced meal planning stress
Encourages culinary experimentation
Generates new meal ideas
Caters to available ingredients
Praised by early users
Over 10,000 recipe generations
More than 130 invites in 24 hours
Available on Google Play and App Store


No dietary restriction options
No meal optimization
No nutritional information provided
No web version
Limited recipe variety
Inability to modify recipes
No offline access
No integration with grocery apps
No user community or forum
No professional chef guides


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How does the ingredient-based recipe generation feature of Meal GOAT work?
Is Meal GOAT only for food recipes, or can it generate drink recipes as well?
Can Meal GOAT suggest new recipes based on what I have in my pantry?
How user-friendly is the Meal GOAT app?
Is Meal GOAT available for both Android and iOS users?
Can Meal GOAT help me explore new culinary creations?
What have early users said about Meal GOAT?
What does the '10KRECIPES GENERATED' on Meal GOAT mean?
What makes Meal GOAT different from other recipe generator apps?
Does Meal GOAT really use AI technology?
How can I download Meal GOAT?
Can Meal GOAT actually eliminate mealtime monotony?
Have any professional chefs used Meal GOAT?

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