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ByDanny Liu
Crafting accessible alt text for your images.
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Alt Text Helper is a GPT-based tool that aids in generating accessible alternative text for images. This tool is designed to attest to the importance of accessibility in digital media by assisting individuals who wish to make their visual content more user-friendly for those with visual impairments.

By leveraging the capabilities of generative pre-trained transformers, the Alt Text Helper can interpret and describe the content of an image, allowing for the creation of descriptive alt text that can be read by screen readers to provide context and clarity to visually impaired users.

The application process involves uploading an image and issuing the command 'Describe please'. The GPT then leverages its learning and inference capabilities to provide a detailed verbal description of the uploaded image.

It should be noted that the usage of Alt Text Helper requires ChatGPT Plus, indicating that it operates as an interface or 'app' on top of the underlying ChatGPT technology.

In essence, Alt Text Helper is a GPT that moves toward bridging the accessibility divide in digital content, enabling a more inclusive media environment for all users.


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Alt Text Helper was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2023.
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