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Alt text generator for image accessibility.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm here to help you create alt text for images. What can I assist with?
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Provide guidelines for creating alt text
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VisionScribe is a GPT designed to facilitate image accessibility by generating alternative text (alt text) for images. Its main objective is to aid in making visual content accessible to people who may not be able to see them, thereby enhancing the inclusiveness and reach of digital content.

To start utilizing VisionScribe, users can simply upload an image and input the command 'Go'. The tool then processes the image and generates suitable alt text, relying on powerful AI algorithms to provide a textual interpretation of the image content.The creation of meaningful alt text is crucial for visually impaired users to understand the content of images.

VisionScribe, through its inbuilt GPT, harnesses AI to create such meaningful descriptions, hence acting as a valuable aid in enhancing digital accessibility.

It is a user-friendly tool designed to aid content creators, digital marketers, and others in their endeavors to create more accessible content. VisionScribe requires a sign-up to ChatGPT Plus, implying it is part of a larger ecosystem of GPT applications.

Additionally, it provides a 'Welcome message' and 'Prompt starters' which suggests interactive support during its use. The 'Welcome message' offers initial guidance for users, while the 'Prompt starters' provide guidelines to assist in the creation of alt text.

Broadly, VisionScribe exemplifies how AI can be leveraged to enhance digital inclusivity, by enabling a seamless generation of alternative text for images.


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