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Alt text creator for images, mindful of context and clarity
GPT welcome message: Hi! I'm Pixie Describer, ready to create alt texts for your images. Shall we start?
Sample prompts:
Could you provide alt text for this photo?
How would you describe this image?
Need alt text for this picture, please.
What's in this image?
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Pixie Describer is a GPT that primarily focuses on creating alternative text (alt text) for images. The tool's main objective is to enhance accessibility and improve the understanding of an image for those unable to view it.

The alt text generated pays mindful attention to detail, context, and clarity, thus making it easier for others to get the essence of the image without actually viewing it.

Pixie Describer strives to offer a straightforward way of generating alt text that captures the necessary context and essential details of the image provided.

The GPT interacts with users in an engaging manner, asking helpful prompt questions like 'Could you provide alt text for this photo?', 'How would you describe this image?', 'Need alt text for this picture, please.', and 'What's in this image?'.

These prompts serve to initiate the process and provide user-friendly guidelines to the individuals using the tool. Please note that usage of Pixie Describer requires ChatGPT Plus.


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Pixie Describer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 23rd 2023.
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