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ByTravis Wagner
Accessibility in a can!
GPT welcome message: Hello! Upload an image and I'll write a detailed alt text for it.
Sample prompts:
Describe this image for an alt tag.
Generate an alt text for this photo.
Provide a detailed description for this image.
Create alt text for the following image:
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Sam Alt-text-man is a GPT developed with the purpose of enhancing website accessibility. It is a specialized AI tool that is primed to create descriptive 'alt' text for images.

The primary function of the tool is to receive an image input, and generate a detailed alternative text (alt text) for it. This alt text can then be used in the alt tag of the image on the website.

By generating alt text, Sam Alt-text-man plays an integral role in website accessibility by providing context to images, which is an absolute necessity for website visitors who rely on screen readers.

The tool requires the integration of ChatGPT Plus and users can start interactions with phrases such as 'Describe this image for an alt tag.', 'Generate an alt text for this photo.', 'Provide a detailed description for this image.', or 'Create alt text for the following image:'.

Providing a valuable service that intensifies website comprehension, Sam Alt-text-man is a significant addition to the suite of tools leveraging AI for enhanced web accessibility.


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Sam Alt-text-man was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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