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ByAntonio Blázquez Bea
Converts images to ASCII art using Python.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Upload your image, and I'll convert it to ASCII art with a default size of 75 characters. You'll see it here with a download link.
Sample prompts:
Upload an image to convert to ASCII art.
Show me ASCII art of this picture.
Transform this image into ASCII characters.
Create ASCII art from my photo.
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ASCII Art Creator is a GPT that converts images to ASCII art using Python programming language. The GPT is designed to transform pictures into ASCII art form, which uses characters and symbols to produce images.

The tool requires the user to upload an image, which it then converts into ASCII art with a default size of 75 characters. Upon completion of the conversion, the ASCII art is presented to the user along with a download link.

The GPT offers prompt starters, such as 'Upload an image to convert to ASCII art', 'Show me ASCII art of this picture', 'Transform this image into ASCII characters' and 'Create ASCII art from my photo' which guide the user on possible interactions and commands that can be used.

This tool provides a unique and creative way of representing images, making it appealing for users who desire a unique form of image transformation and representation.

The ASCII Art Creator requires ChatGPT Plus for optimum functionality.


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