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Created WordPress blog posts semi-automatically.
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GPTPress is a Python-based tool designed to semi-automate the process of creating blog posts for WordPress sites. It works by generating drafted blog post content from responses generated by the OpenAI API and pushing them directly to the WordPress site, allowing users to easily edit and publish posts without going through the process of copy and pasting content.

The tool comprises a Python script that requires the installation of Python 3.8.2 and OpenAI version 0.27.4 as well as an OpenAI API key to access the functionality.GPTPress is ideal for WordPress users who want to streamline their content creation process and quickly generate drafts for their blog posts without spending a lot of time on researching and writing content.

The full source code of the Python script is available to users who purchase the tool, providing them complete control and the ability to customize the tool to meet their specific needs.

Therefore, GPTPress addresses the need for quick, high-quality, and customized content creation for people running WordPress sites. Overall, GPTPress could save time and eliminate the hassle of manual content creation, while providing WordPress users with a robust and efficient tool for generating high-quality content.


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GPTPress was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Python-based tool
Semi-automates blog creation
Generates drafted content
Pushes content directly to WordPress
Eliminates copy-pasting content
Requires Python 3.8.2
Ideal for WordPress users
Streamlines content creation
Quick draft generation
Saves time on research
Saves time on writing
Full source code available
Customizable tool
Addresses quick content creation
Addresses high-quality content creation
Addresses customized content creation
Robust tool
Efficient tool
Generates high-quality content


Python 3.8.2 specific dependency
Requires JavaScript for purchase
Limited to WordPress platform
No user interface
No multi-user support


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What do I need to install for GPTPress to work?
Is the full source code of GPTPress available to users?
Can I customize GPTPress to meet my specific needs?
How does GPTPress help in generating high-quality content?
What is the cost of GPTPress?
How to purchase GPTPress?
What is the role of Python and OpenAI in GPTPress?
How does GPTPress eliminate the hassle of manual content creation?
Do I need a specific version of Python for GPTPress to work?
Do I require a specific version of OpenAI for GPTPress?
Can GPTPress automatically generate drafts for blog posts?
Is GPTPress ideal for WordPress users?
Do I need the OpenAI API key in order to use GPTPress?
Is JavaScript required to purchase GPTPress?


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