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Customized chat experiences through conversation.
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Golem is an open-source tool that provides an alternative to ChatGPT UI. This tool is designed to offer a brand new ChatGPT experience, enabling users to chat with a LLM model in a highly engaging and personalized manner.

Golem is optimized for ease-of-use and offers a visually appealing design that is both sleek and intuitive. With Golem, users can store their data locally, ensuring the highest level of security and privacy.

Additionally, users can opt-in to deploy an instance of Golem to their personal cloud using Deta Space, a cloud solution that provides additional security benefits.

One key benefit of Golem is the ability to customize the experience to fit individual preferences and requirements. With Golem, users can easily share their conversations through a simple link, providing a hassle-free way to collaborate and exchange ideas.

Finally, Golem is open-source and available on Github, enabling users to contribute to the project or use it as a reference for their own Nuxt 3 project.

If you are looking for an open-source, customizable, and highly-secure tool to chat with AI, Golem is definitely worth checking out.


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Golem was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Open-source tool
Alternative to ChatGPT UI
Highly engaging interaction
Highly personalized experiences
Optimized for ease-of-use
Visually appealing design
Data stored locally
Option to deploy on cloud
Uses Deta Space for security
Highly customizable UI
Easy sharing of conversations
Hassle-free collaboration
Suitable for Nuxt 3 projects
Facilitate exchange of ideas
Offers a unique ChatGPT experience
Github availability
Enhances level of security
Offers privacy protection
Potential for public contribution
Stays updated with twitter


No mobile version
Dependent on Deta Space
Requires technical understanding for customization
No multi-language support
No integration with other apps
No voice chat feature
Limited user community support
Requires local data storage
No obvious scalability solutions


What is Golem?
What makes Golem different from ChatGPT UI?
How does Golem provide a personalized ChatGPT experience?
What do you mean by Golem being optimized for ease-of-use?
How does Golem ensure data security and privacy?
How can I deploy an instance of Golem to my personal cloud?
What is Deta Space and why would I want to use it with Golem?
What customization options are available in Golem?
How can I share my conversations in Golem?
How can Golem facilitate collaboration and exchange of ideas?
Is Golem an open-source tool?
Where can I find Golem's source code?
How can I contribute to the Golem project?
Can I use Golem as a reference for my own Nuxt 3 project?
Why is Golem described as visually appealing?
How is Golem designed to provide an engaging user interface?
What are the advantages of using an LLM model with Golem?
What means, exactly, that Golem provides a brand new ChatGPT experience?
Do I have to install Golem to use it or it can be used online?
Are there any future updates planned for Golem?

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