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Previewed and edited HTML/CSS in ChatGPT.
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WindChat - ChatGPT TailwindCSS HTML Previewer is a Chrome web browser extension that enables users to preview HTML and Tailwind CSS code in real-time within the ChatGPT chat window.

This tool eliminates the need for tedious copying and pasting of code for those who want to tweak page designs in ChatGPT. With WindChat, users can merge code from multiple chatboxes to preview the code for the entire chat session, which is especially useful when the answer text from ChatGPT is too lengthy and spans several chatboxes.

In addition, WindChat provides editing capabilities for HTML and Tailwind CSS code in real-time, allowing users to make modifications and immediately see the changes.

The tool is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of ChatGPT. WindChat is easy to install from the Chrome Web Store and is offered by

It does not require any additional subscriptions or fees to use, but it does offer in-app purchases. WindChat will be helpful for those who want to fine-tune their web page design in ChatGPT without wasting time on copying and pasting code.


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May 28, 2023
They use a payment system and is not free at all plus all it does is piggy back of chat gpt.

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Pros and Cons


Real-time HTML preview
Real-time Tailwind CSS preview
Merges code from chatboxes
Real-time code editing
Compatibility with latest ChatGPT
Easy to install
No additional subscription required
Offers in-app purchases
No need for copying, pasting code
Preview entire chat session code
See immediate changes
Supports lengthy code
Regularly updated
Available on Chrome Web Store
No history of violations
Lightweight (550KiB)
English language support
No user data sold to third parties
Offered by reputable publisher


Only for Chrome browser
Limited to HTML/CSS
Dependent on ChatGPT updates
In-app purchases
Doesn't support other code languages
Real-time editing not instant
In-development features
Exclusively for Tailwind CSS
Chrome Web Store installation
Limited user base


What is WindChat?
Does WindChat offer real-time HTML/Tailwind CSS preview?
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How does WindChat help with editing lengthy codes?
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Are there in-app purchases in WindChat?
How do I install WindChat?
Is WindChat compatible with newer versions of ChatGPT?
What is the size of WindChat extension?
Does WindChat allow real-time HTML and Tailwind CSS editing?
Where is WindChat offered?
Can WindChat provide code preview for entire chat sessions in ChatGPT?
What is the latest version of WindChat?
Who is the developer of WindChat?
Are there any additional subscriptions or fees to use WindChat?
What languages are supported by WindChat?
Does WindChat require a separate account to use?
What are the system requirements to use WindChat?
Can I see changes immediately after editing the code in WindChat?
How often is WindChat updated?

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