Prompt testing 2023-08-19
Language model prompt testing sans coding.
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KraspAI is an AI tool that allows users to test prompts across various language models. It supports both closed-source and open-source models, providing users with the ability to create and compare their own unique test suites in less than a minute without the need for coding.

The tool offers different pricing plans, including a free plan with 25 test credits, the ability to create up to 10 custom test suites, and both shared and private test suite options.

The pro plan, available for a monthly fee, includes all features of the free plan as well as 1250 test credits per month, allowing for a variety of short, medium, and long tests.

Additional test credits can be purchased if needed.For enterprise users, KraspAI offers custom plans that include all the features of the free and pro plans, along with additional functionalities such as importing test cases from CSV files, exporting test results to CSV files, and adding passwords to shared test suites.The tool also provides information regarding the length and cost of tests, with short tests using 1 test credit, medium tests using 5 test credits, and long tests using 10 test credits.

Users have access to a wide range of available models, but the availability may vary over time due to factors beyond KraspAI's control. Users can request new models by contacting the support team.KraspAI is a product of Punaltz Ltd, and it operates under the trade name KraspAI.


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Krasp was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 11th 2023.
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