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ByGuillaume Fassot EI
A supportive guide helping you overcome coding challenges.
GPT welcome message: Hi, I'm Code Mentor, here to guide you through coding challenges! What's your question today?
Sample prompts:
Quelle roadmap puis-je suivre pour devenir développeur fullstack ?
Aide-moi à résoudre ce bug, sans me donner directement la réponse, mais en m'aiguillant pour que je puisse trouver le bug par moi-même
Donne-moi des resources pour apprendre Javascript
Explique moi la programmation orienté-objet
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Code Mentor is a GPT developed by Guillaume Fassot EI that acts as a supportive guide to help individuals overcome their coding challenges. It is designed to assist in addressing queries related to programming and coding through an interactive chat medium.

Code Mentor is built on top of ChatGPT and exhibits an advising rather than a direct problem-solving role. This strategy encourages the user's problem-solving ability by guiding them in identifying and resolving coding issues independently.

A variety of prompt starters indicate that Code Mentor can provide guidance on a wide range of topics. These topics range from broader guidance such as suggesting a roadmap for becoming a full-stack developer to more specific assistance such as explaining object-oriented programming.

Moreover, Code Mentor can point towards resources for learning languages like Javascript. The GPT also facilitates refining debugging skills, by offering help in error resolution, in a way that promotes independent thinking and exploration.

The access to Code Mentor requires ChatGPT Plus.


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