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Helping you understand any coding problem.
GPT welcome message: Hi, ready to tackle some code?
Sample prompts:
What's a binary search tree?
What's the best solution here?
How do I reverse a LinkedList?
How can I optimize this solution?
What data structures should I know?
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LeetCopilot is a GPT specially designed to assist users with understanding coding problems. Its main purpose is to guide the process of problem-solving in coding, enabling a deeper grasp of various programming constructs and methodologies.

The GPT operates through user interaction, starting with prompts or questions from the user. The prompts might relate to binary search trees, optimizing solutions, understanding specific data structures, or reversing a LinkedList, among other related topics.

Upon receiving these questions, the GPT provides insights and elucidations that help users demystify the context of the problems. It helps users optimize their solutions and can suggest what data structures might be best for particular problems.

Similarly, it can explicate how different data structures work or how to perform certain operations, like reversing a LinkedList. LeetCopilot requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus and entails signing up to use.

This GPT can be a robust and beneficial tool for those seeking to advance their understanding of coding through interactive engagement with AI. It combines the features of an expert system with the flexibility of conversation-driven learning, making it an excellent companion for anyone aiming to enhance their coding proficiency.


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