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ByAitor Roca Romero
Master coding with our friendly AI expert.
GPT welcome message: Hi there! I'm Code Master, your friendly coding and GitHub expert. Ready to help with any repository, defaulting to the root if no path is given. What can I do for you today?
Sample prompts:
Which GitHub repository do you need help with?
Tell me the repository and the specific path you're focusing on.
What function or variable in the repository are you working on?
Describe the repository issue you're facing.
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Code Master is a GPT developed to provide assistance regarding coding and GitHub. The GPT is designed with the ability to interact and decipher repository issues, making it a fantastic tool for developers.

Users can get assistance on specific paths they're focusing on in their GitHub repositories. As a tool built on the sophisticated framework of ChatGPT, Code Master excels in understanding and providing solutions to complicated coding challenges.

If given a function or a variable within a repository, Code Master can provide insights or troubleshoot potential issues. Its main role is to serve as a programming assistant, helping users overcome their repository issues in GitHub.

Code Master's efficacy is not limited to a specific path, as it can navigate through root paths if no path is given. Besides troubleshooting, Code Master also supports users in understanding and deciphering code, making it an excellent tool for both professional developers as well as individuals new to coding.

As a bot, it is approachable and user-friendly, ready to assist in making the coding process a smoother experience.


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Code Master was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 15th 2023.
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