Code refactoring 2023-10-22
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BySergiu Mosanu
Friendly AI aiding in coding practices.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm here to help you craft cleaner, more efficient code. What's your challenge today?
Sample prompts:
How can I refactor this complex Python function?
Best practices for C++ code in team projects?
Simplifying a long C method - any advice?
Understanding and improving Python code readability?
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Code Structurer Pro is a GPT designed to assist with writing and refining code in languages including C, C++, and Python. It features a friendly, professor-like demeanor designed to guide users through coding practices.

Code Structurer Pro aims to guide users in producing cleaner, more efficient code by providing insightful tips and recommendations. Users could interact with this GPT by giving certain prompts, and the GPT would offer solutions or advice in return.

The types of prompts users can input include refactoring complex Python functions, discussing best practices for C++ code in team projects, simplifying long and complex methods written in C language, and understanding and improving Python code readability.

Accordingly, Code Structurer Pro can be considered as a helpful tool to both novice and experienced programmers aiming to write effective code and enhance their coding practices.


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