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Enhanced frontend skills through coding projects.
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BigDevSoon is an AI-driven tool designed to enhance your Frontend Development skills. It offers a platform where users can code real projects to improve their coding abilities.

The tool provides a range of projects backed by Figma designs, user stories, and AI-driven insights to help users build real-world applications.The projects on BigDevSoon cover various difficulty levels, including junior, regular, and senior, allowing users to choose projects based on their skill level.

For each project, there are clear user stories and acceptance criteria provided, enabling users to practice problem-solving, planning, and executing based on real requirements and designs.If users encounter difficulties while working on a project, they can turn to Elise - an AI Project Buddy, which provides insights and guidance tailored to the specific project and cards.

Additionally, BigDevSoon has an active community where users can engage in deeper discussions with peers, seeking additional assistance and forming a supportive network.Through completing projects and tasks, users can earn XP, unlock achievements, and track their progress on leaderboards, allowing them to see where they stand among other developers.

This gamification aspect adds motivation and helps users celebrate their coding achievements.BigDevSoon offers a free start to get users acquainted with the platform and begin their coding journey.

The tool also provides links to its social media channels for users to stay updated and connected within the community.


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