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Autonomous AI sidekick that tests and iterates its own code.
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Otto Engineer, also known as Otto, is an AI-based software that acts as an autonomous coding assistant. Catered for developers, it runs directly in the browser and is designed to simplify the process of software engineering.

One of its key features includes the ability to execute code and conduct testing, iterating through the code until a functioning version is achieved. It can handle errors through continuous iterations, striving for functional code.

Another feature, aided by Web Containers technology, allows it to execute code safely in isolation, with the use of a virtual, in-memory file system. This means that Otto can operate securely without risking system vulnerabilities.

The software also requires no setup, indicating an ease-of-use for users who just need to instigate a new chat and let Otto work. It can run commands and modify code in the embedded terminal and editor, which users can observe.

Additionally, Otto is designed to operate in a genuine environment, able to install and use npm packages, amend its TS config, and write its own tests.

Users can use it to create complicated utility types, eliminating the issue of 'hallucinated' code that doesn't function properly.


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Pros and Cons


Autonomous coding assistant
Runs directly in browser
Simplifies software engineering
Executes and tests code
Handles errors through iterations
Web Containers technology
Virtual in-memory file system
Operates securely without vulnerabilities
No setup required
Embedded terminal and editor
Operates in real environment
Installs and uses npm packages
Amends its TS config
Writes its own tests
Can create complex utility types
Eliminates hallucinated code


Browser dependent
Limited to Node.js
No multi-language support
Potential browser performance impact
Requires continuous internet connection
No standalone version
Limited execution environment


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Does Otto Engineer write its own tests?
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