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AI coding expert for efficient cloud operations.
GPT welcome message: Here to help with your system administration challenges!
Sample prompts:
Architect a project for me
Create a prototype of an app
Help me deploy an open source service
I need assistance with a CI/CD pipeline configuration
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The DevOps GPT is an artificial intelligence-powered tool primarily designed to provide solutions for cloud operation needs. This GPT operates by responding concisely to user inquiries and providing cost-efficient and secure approaches for a diverse range of tasks.

This vital tool leverages the underlying capabilities of ChatGPT, which enables it to engage in insightful and contextually aware conversations, aiding developers in their system administration challenges.

The usage of this GPT tool extends across various components of cloud operations, ranging from basic system administration tasks to more complex aspects of DevOps.

For example, it can assist with architecture projects, facilitate in creating a prototype of an application, help deploy an open source service, and provide aid with CI/CD pipeline configuration.

By providing a conversational interface to interact with, the GPT tool aims to streamline system and cloud operations, all while ensuring the practices suggested are efficient, secure, and in compliance with best industry practices.


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DevOps GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 11th 2024.
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