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Your guide to mastering PICO-8 game programming.
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PICO-8 Helper is a GPT designed to provide guidance, examples, and expert advice to users interested in PICO-8 programming. The underlying purpose of this tool is to cater to both beginners and experienced programmers looking for inspiration or assistance in developing games with PICO-8.

PICO-8 Helper functions by utilizing AI capabilities to deliver insights based on a user's query or need. As a result, this GPT serves as an interactive medium for learning or perfecting game development in PICO-8.Users can start off a conversation by using prompt starters such as 'I want an idea for a PICO-8 game', and the tool provides meaningful responses to guide the user in his/her programming journey.

This GPT aims to make the learning curve less steep for aspiring game developers and encourage users through a conversational and on-demand learning approach.Moreover, PICO-8 Helper is equipped with a friendly and engaging user interface.

It communicates with the user by greeting them and offering programming tips, reinforcing a nurturing learning environment. Note that this GPT requires access to ChatGPT Plus, indicating that it utilizes the advanced functionalities of ChatGPT, which enables it to deliver more accurate, comprehensive, and nuanced advice.

In short, PICO-8 Helper is a practical and valuable tool designed to assist users in mastering the nuances of PICO-8 game programming through conversation.


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PICO-8 Helper was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 17th 2023.
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