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ByDavide Leandro Marcoli
Providing insightful code reviews with a humorous twist
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Sample prompts:
Check my JS function?
How's my Python code?
Review this C# snippet!
Is my PHP okay?
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Code Whiz Pro is a GPT designed to provide coding reviews and assessments with a unique humorous twist. The tool is directly built on top of ChatGPT and is meant to function as an additional layer to the standard features of ChatGPT.

It provides the user with an opportunity to get their code reviewed, spanning across multiple programming languages: including JavaScript (JS), Python, C#, and PHP.

The primary goal of Code Whiz Pro is not just to deliver an expert review of the user's code snippet, but also to facilitate an engaging and enjoyable experience by using humor in its feedback.The GPT encourages the users to submit representatives of their code with prompts such as 'Check my JS function?', 'How's my Python code?', 'Review this C# snippet!', and 'Is my PHP okay?'.

Once the code is submitted, Code Whiz Pro provides playfully insightful feedback, outlined with coding best practices and potential areas of improvement.This platform can be particularly beneficial for those who are learning to code, as it offers a relaxed setting for obtaining professional-level reviews of their code.

It can also be useful for experienced coders looking for a second opinion on their code. Overall, Code Whiz Pro's core functionality is to offer a learning tool that not only delivers accurate code reviews but also does so in a lighthearted, engaging manner to make the process of coding more enjoyable and less intimidating.


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Code Whiz Pro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 13th 2023.
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