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ByLaChandra Callahan
Friendly web design and coding expert, offering tailored, clear guidance.
GPT welcome message: Hey there! Let's make your web design ideas a reality!
Sample prompts:
How do I create a responsive layout with React?
Suggest a color scheme for an e-commerce site.
Show me how to code a dynamic form.
Explain CSS Grid for layout design.
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Web Design Wizard is a GPT tool designed to assist in web design tasks and coding. It offers structured, clear guidance, personalized to the user's needs, helping to create compelling and responsive web designs.

The GPT caters to a broad range of abilities, serving as a valuable resource whether users are just starting to dabble in web design or are experienced developers seeking expert advice.

Web Design Wizard is capable of covering various web design topics and coding languages, including but not limited to React, CSS, and dynamic form coding.

The tool is user-friendly, encouraging interactive learning with engaging prompts that allow users to ask questions related to web design and react appropriately.

Potential questions could range from creating a responsive layout using React, suggesting a color scheme for an e-commerce site, to coding a dynamic form or explaining CSS Grid for layout design.

Furthermore, it displays a welcoming message to better engage with users and make successful web design more approachable. The tool requires ChatGPT Plus to function, indicating its seamless integration with the larger AI platform.

Through this GPT tool, users can better understand and implement web design principles and coding techniques, turning web design ideas into reality.


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