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Assisted writing, coding & social media optimization.
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TwoSlash is a Chrome extension that brings AI capabilities to your fingertips. It allows you to generate social media content, improve your grammar, create Google Sheets formulas, and enhance your email replies, among other functions.

By typing "//ai|" in any text field, you can access ChatGPT AI and leverage its capabilities.With TwoSlash, you can effortlessly generate engaging blog posts, optimize articles, and correct grammar mistakes in real-time.

It also enables you to rewrite and summarize content and translate it into multiple languages. In coding, TwoSlash helps you fix bugs, write code in your preferred language, explain code snippets, and even convert code into different programming languages.For social media, TwoSlash enables you to generate captivating posts for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

You can also reply to comments and direct messages using AI. In email communication, the tool assists with writing and replying to emails, as well as summarizing email content.

Additionally, TwoSlash allows you to generate and explain Google Sheets formulas within the application.TwoSlash offers a simple pricing plan, including a standard option that provides up to 1000 commands per month without requiring an API key.

Alternatively, users can connect their own OpenAI API key for a one-time fee. The extension currently supports the Chrome browser, with plans to expand to other browsers soon.TwoSlash differentiates itself from ChatGPT by integrating AI capabilities into Chrome's text input fields, optimizing performance and compatibility with Chrome's APIs and extensions.

It also allows for customization and potential integration with different AI models, providing dedicated support and a seamless user experience within the Chrome environment.


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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Generates social media content
Improves grammar
Creates Google Sheets formulas
Enhances email replies
Blog post generation
Optimizes articles
Real-time grammar correction
Content rewriting
Content summarization
Multilingual translation
Coding support
Bug fixing assistance
Code writing in multiple languages
Code snippet explanation
Code conversion between languages
Captivating social media post generation
Email content summarization
Google Sheets formulas generation and explanation
Simple pricing plan
Compatibility with Chrome's APIs and extensions
Customization possibility
Dedicated user support
Enhanced performance in Chrome
Future potential for other browsers support
Updates and new features addition
Open to user feature suggestions
Seamless user experience within Chrome
GPT-3.5 model usage
Smart suggestions
Context-aware responses
Upcoming feature: YouTube summariser


Limited to Chrome
Limited commands without own key
Costly for own key integration
Potential language model compatibility issues
Not available on mobile devices
No built-in API
Limited customer support for free users
Unclear data privacy measures

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