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Confluence data accessed conversationally in Slack.
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PageWise AI is an AI-driven tool that provides an intuitive and conversational approach to accessing Confluence pages in Slack. It aims to eliminate the time spent on repetitive queries and searching for information that is somewhere in the Confluence pages.

PageWise AI offers many features that streamline discussions and enhance team communication. It effortlessly integrates with Slack and Confluence accounts, without requiring technical knowledge.

The tool also eliminates the need to sift through multiple pages by bringing the Confluence data to the Slack workspace, allowing access to hidden insights and connections through its intelligence.

PageWise AI offers flexible pricing plans that cater to every team. There are three payment frequency options, which are monthly, annually, and enterprise.

The plans vary in the ingestion tokens and the number of questions asked per month. Additionally, the tool can scale with the business needs, ensuring efficient access to information as the business grows.

PageWise AI also provides a FAQ section that answers common queries on its features and functionality. Users can quickly get started with PageWise AI and give their team a virtual AI expert on their Confluence knowledge base.

Finally, the tool offers a subscription to its newsletter, keeping users up to date with the latest developments.


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Pagewise was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Conversational access to Confluence
Reduces repetitive queries
Streamlines Slack-Confluence integration
Unearths hidden insights
Enhances team communication
Supports scalability
Flexible pricing plans
Monthly, annually, enterprise payment options
Effortless setup
Minimizes manual data sifting
Access Confluence within Slack
FAQ section assistance
Subscription to newsletter
Ingestion tokens and question limits
Providing efficient access growth
Three varying plans
Real-time data updating in development
Supports HIPAA compliance
Enterprise plan customisation


Limited to Slack, Confluence
Manual data refresh needed
Ingestion token limitations
Question amount limitations
No GPT-4 option yet
Lack of custom integrations
Highly sensitive data handling
Lack of real-time updates
No multilingual support mentioned
Subscription-based, no free version


What is PageWise AI?
How does PageWise AI integrate with Slack and Confluence?
What are the key features of PageWise AI?
Does using PageWise AI require any technical knowledge?
How does PageWise AI enhance team communication?
What kind of insights can PageWise AI provide from Confluence pages?
How can PageWise AI reduce time spent on repetitive queries?
What are the pricing plans for PageWise AI?
How does PageWise AI's pricing vary between monthly, annually, and enterprise options?
Can PageWise AI scale with my business needs?
Where can I find answers to common questions about PageWise AI?
How can I get started with PageWise AI?
How can I stay informed about the latest developments at PageWise AI?
What are ingestion tokens?
How many questions per month can be asked on PageWise AI's different plans?
What is the process to refresh my data on PageWise AI?
What is the method of bringing Confluence data into the Slack workspace using PageWise AI?
How does PageWise AI enhance the efficiency of accessing information?
Can PageWise AI handle highly sensitive data?
What type of insights does PageWise AI provide?


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