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ByMarcus Graetsch
Converting Python code into illustrative diagrams.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Share your Python code and choose your diagram type for creation.
Sample prompts:
What kind of diagram do you need?
Please provide your Python code.
Choose your diagram type: Flowchart, Sequence, Class, UML.
Do you have a preference for the diagram type?
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Python Code to Diagram Assistant is a GPT that is designed to transform Python code into illustrative diagrams. It provides a unique approach to understanding and visualizing Python code by converting it into diagram format, thus aiding in easier interpretation, learning, and communication of code logic.

Suitable for both beginner and experienced Python coders, this GPT aims to enhance code understanding and documentation without the need for manual work.Using this GPT, users can opt for different types of diagrams for their Python code, including but not limited to flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, and UML diagrams.

Each type of diagram provides a different perspective onto the code, catering to various use cases. For example, a flowchart can show the sequential structure of the code, a UML diagram can depict the object-oriented structure, and a sequence diagram can represent interactions between different components or classes.To use this GPT, users are prompted to share their Python code and specify their preferred diagram type.

If users do not have a specific preference, they can ask the GPT for suggestions or explore different diagram types. Once the type is selected and the code is provided, the GPT then processes the code and generates the requested diagram.The Python Code to Diagram Assistant is a useful tool for coders, educators, students, and anyone who deals with Python code.

It simplifies code understanding and brings a visual angle to code interpretation, making code analysis more engaging and intuitive. Note that using this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus.


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Jan 1, 2024
I like how it gives both PlantUML and Mermaid code, as I found that the Mermaid graph TD code would sometimes not work in the Mermaid Live Editor.

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