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ByCallycode Limited
Translates legal documents into code.
GPT welcome message: Hi! I'll translate every section of legal docs into code for you.
Sample prompts:
Translate this document to Legalese Script
Translate this Legalese Script to a legal document for England
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Complete Legal Code Translator is a GPT that provides specialized language translation services between legal documents and coded language. Developed by Callycode Limited, this GPT's primary function is to transform legal document sections into corresponding code alongside detailed comments.

Additionally, it is capable of translating coded language, referred to as 'Legalese Script', back into formal legal text that is faithful to the original meaning and context.

Furthermore, it has specific functionalities for adaption to diverse jurisdictional requirements, as noted by an example where it translates a Legalese Script into a legal document applicable specifically for England.

This indicates the GPT's ability to not only translate between code and legal text, but also to adapt its translations to match region-specific legal contexts and terminologies.

Complete Legal Code Translator requires ChatGPT Plus to operate. This means it needs supportive underlying technology to provide its specialized translational services.

The welcome message of this GPT, which greets users with an offer to translate all sections of legal documents into code, affirms its commitment to easing the complex process of understanding and interpreting legal documents, especially for individuals without a background in both coding and law.


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Complete Legal Code Translator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2023.
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