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CodeParrot is an AI powered tool designed to streamline the process of coding for developers and designers. The primary function of this tool is converting Figma Design into React, Vue, Angular components to improve efficiency and productivity in creating web elements.

A key feature is its ability to generate code from a given Figma File URL. This allows users to directly translate their designs into usable code. Besides this, CodeParrot also boasts a significant feature where tedious tasks such as business logic, refactoring, writing tests can be assigned to the AI.

Another significant feature involves a contextual search, which aims to provide solutions to arising errors via AI so you spend lesser time looking for answers.

The CodeParrot tool ensures that the generated code reuses existing components, libraries, and coding standards, thus eliminating the need to adapt or alter the generated code.

Moreover, its vscode extension provides enhanced user experience with continuous, uninterrupted workflow as it eliminates the need for context switching between the IDE and the design platform.

To use the tool effectively, users need to browse through their Figma components and click submit to generate the desired code. CodeParrot is developed by a team of developers aiming to solve their own problems, combining technological skills with firsthand experience of the challenges faced in the coding process.


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Pros and Cons


Figma Design Conversion
Supports React, Vue, Angular
Generates code from Figma URL
Automates business logic tasks
Automates code refactoring tasks
Automates writing tests
Contextual search feature
Reuses components, libraries, standards
No need to adapt code
Vscode extension for better UX
Eliminates IDE-Design platform switching
Browse and click code generation
Developed by experienced developers
Turn designs into usable code
Improves coding efficiency


Limited to Figma Design
Favors React, Vue, Angular
Dependent on internet connection
Potential inaccurate code generation
Limited error resolution with Contextual Search
Plugin only for vscode
Doesn't support other design tools
No standalone app
Favors existing components, libraries


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How does CodeParrot ensure reuse of existing components, libraries, and coding standards in code generation?
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Who are the creators of CodeParrot and what problems are they trying to solve?
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Can I continue working on my IDE while using the CodeParrot vscode extension?
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