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WPTurbo is a set of free AI-powered WordPress development tools that increase developer productivity and efficiency. It offers generators and snippets that help developers to set up their WordPress projects quickly and to write complex code for their websites within seconds.

WPTurbo uses machine learning algorithms to analyze users' needs and generate tailored code snippets for their specific project requirements. The generators include post type, taxonomy, menu, shortcode, hook, wp-config.php, starter plugin, theme.json, and wp-query.

WPTurbo also offers a boilerplate feature, which creates a starting point for custom work on WordPress themes and plugins by including a basic file structure, linked generators, and custom snippets.

Developers input their requirements for desired functionality, and the generator creates a tailored starting point ready to download in zip format. WPTurbo has a free account option that allows users to register and try out the generators and AI snippet generator with up to 50 requests per day.

Users can also explore Pro features for more extensive usage. WPTurbo is a project by WPMarmite, a website that helps WordPress users develop their websites with tutorials, courses, and other resources.

WPTurbo aims to help WordPress developers create high-quality websites quickly, following best practices. It has been featured on various websites, including Post Status, The Repository, Speckyboy, and WPWeekly.


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WPTurbo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free account option
Pro features available
Generates tailored code snippets
Multiple generators included
Post type generator
Taxonomy generator
Menu generator
Shortcode generator
Hook generator
wp-config.php generator
Boilerplate feature provided
Basic file structure included
Linked generators in boilerplate
Custom snippets in boilerplate
Tailored starting point for download
50 requests per day
Starter plugin generator
Theme.json generator
WP-query generator
Enhances developer productivity
Increases developer efficiency
Helps setup WordPress quickly
Fulfills specific project requirements
Supports high-quality website creation
Follows best development practices
Developed by WPMarmite
Project features on top websites
Creates custom work starting points


Limited free usage
Pro features expensive
Boilerplate feature not ready
50 requests per day limit
Requires user registration
Beta snippet generator
WordPress-specific functionality
Lacks comprehensive user tutorials
No mobile version stated
Limited generator types


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What benefits does WPTurbo offer for WordPress development?
How does the boilerplate feature in WPTurbo work?
What are the limitations of the free account of WPTurbo?
How can I take advantage of the Pro features of WPTurbo?
Can you tell me more about the machine learning algorithms used in WPTurbo?
What is the involvement of WPMarmite in WPTurbo?
What kind of starter plugins are generated by WPTurbo?
Can WPTurbo help me generate a custom tailored theme.json?
What are the benefits of WPTurbo's wp-query generator?
How can WPTurbo help me with my WordPress menu generation tasks?
What is the WPTurbo shortcode generator and what does it do?
Is it possible to generate custom hooks using WPTurbo?
How does WPTurbo help in WordPress post type generation?
Can you share some reviews or mentions of WPTurbo on other websites?
How can I sign up for WPTurbo?
What kind of support or resources is available for WPTurbo users?

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