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Serverless back-end creation made efficient.
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Koxy AI is a no-code platform that allows front-end developers to easily build a secure and scalable serverless back-end for their applications. It offers a range of features and tools to simplify the process of building a modern back-end without the need for coding or server configuration.One of the key features of Koxy AI is its drag-and-drop API Builder, which enables users to create APIs using a visual interface.

It provides a wide range of nodes and allows users to run their APIs directly from the builder. The platform also offers a comprehensive documentation resource to guide users through the API building process.Additionally, Koxy AI integrates a JSON-based database into the API, providing unlimited storage capacity and support for relational data.

The database supports fast queries and access controls, making it easy to manage and retrieve data efficiently.Koxy AI leverages a global edge cloud infrastructure with 35 regions worldwide, ensuring low latency and no downtime for API requests.

The platform offers smart error handling and live logs for easy debugging and monitoring of the back-end.With Koxy AI, users can access a vast collection of over 80,000 AI models without any additional fees, including private HuggingFace models.

These AI models can be seamlessly integrated into the API to add smart and dynamic functionalities.Overall, Koxy AI streamlines the process of building a back-end by providing all the necessary tools and features in one place, enabling front-end developers to focus on creating functional and innovative applications.


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Koxy AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 8th 2023.

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