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ByBenjamin Yoss
Build clean, detailed GitHub pull requests in seconds.
Sample prompts:
Can you make a PR for repository [name] in branch [name]?
Please include the commit history of [commits]
Attach documents of PR formats for GPT to follow
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Pull Request Builder is a GPT that provides an automated solution to building GitHub pull requests quickly while maintaining clean formats and rich detail.

By integrating with the functionality of ChatGPT, it offers an interactive interface that assists users in creating pull requests for designated repositories and branches in a manner that is both efficient and comprehensive.

Initial requests can be started with specific prompts such as 'Can you make a PR for repository [name] in branch [name]?', indicating the flexibility of this GPT.

Besides creating a pull request, this tool can further include the commit history on user's demand, underlining its ability to capture and present complex details in a straightforward and digestible manner.

Users can also attach documents of PR formats for the GPT to follow, giving them much-needed control over the formatting of the output. This is most beneficial for teams with predefined PR templates to ensure consistency across all their projects.

Pull Request Builder thus serves as a time-effective tool for software developers, making the process of creating pull requests smooth, consistent, and less prone to missing crucial details.

The software is designed with the intention of minimizing manual input while amplifying the productivity in the task of producing pull requests on GitHub.


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