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Unleash GPT-4's potential directly in your repositories.
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ChatCody is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline and enhance software development productivity on GitHub. Integrated directly into your repositories, it takes on tasks such as issue resolution, code review, and even code contribution.

When you create an issue and add a 'chatcody' label, the AI takes over to solve the problem. Using the power of GPT-4, it reviews pull requests meticulously, catching subtle nuances and ensuring your code's quality.

This tool also dynamically interacts with pull requests, deepening discussions and refining code through meaningful AI-assisted conversations. Not limited to assistance alone, ChatCody actively contributes to your code by handling bug fixes and refactoring, writing new code snippets, and accelerating development timelines.

Furthermore, ChatCody operates under rigorous data protection standards, reinforcing the security of your code. This allows software developers to maintain a fast, efficient workflow without compromising on the integrity of their code.

To activate ChatCody in your pull requests or issues, simply add the 'ChatCody' label. For the best results, provide clear instructions and well-defined expectations when creating issues.


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ChatCody was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines GitHub workflow
Enhances software development productivity
Integrated directly into repositories
Automated issue resolution
Meticulous code review
Dynamically interacts with pull requests
Can handle bug fixes
Capable of code refactoring
Writes new code snippets
Speeds up development timelines
Rigorous data protection standards
Boosts coding productivity
Easy activation with 'ChatCody' label
Uses power of GPT-4
Interactive issue resolution
Promotes meaningful code discussions
Contributes actively to code
Enforces code integrity
Aids in workflow efficiency
Nuanced pull request reviews
Useful for major feature developments
Automates repetitive tasks
Optimizes developer workflow
Available 24/7
Offers actionable feedback
Allows creative coding
Boosts workflow efficiency
Catches subtle code nuances
Improves code refinement
Suggests code improvements
Quick installation
Helps in complex challenges
Productivity and security balance
Supports developer's focus
Engages in PR threads
Offers real-time code adjustments
Transforms review process
Free trial available
Aids in size management of tasks
Revolves around developer's clarity
Handles manageable chunks of tasks
Events-based operation
Enhances pull request quality
Readily available for integration
Tackles minor bug fixes
Facilitates code adjustments


Specific to GitHub
Requires 'chatcody' labeling
No multi-platform compatibility
Struggles with large tasks
Still in early adoption
Limited free tier
Dependent on user clarity
Interactions count as 'events'
No intuitive task handling
Data security not explicit


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How do I activate ChatCody in my pull requests or issues?
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Can ChatCody handle bug fixes and refactoring?
Does ChatCody write new code snippets?
How can ChatCody help in accelerating development timelines?
Does ChatCody interact in real-time with my pull requests?
What are the limitations of using ChatCody?
How can I ensure the best results when using ChatCody?
What does it mean to add a 'chatcody' label?
In what ways does ChatCody enhance software development productivity?
What does 'AI-assisted code review' by ChatCody entail?
Can ChatCody catch subtle nuances in code?
Does using ChatCody affect the integrity of my code?
Can ChatCody operate within my current coding workflow without causing disruptions?

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