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ByPrajwal DSouza
Creating stepwise coding challenges for Python.
GPT welcome message: Hi! I'm your Python tutor. What would you like to learn today?
Sample prompts:
What Python topic are you interested in?
Ready for the next challenge? It's a bit trickier!
I want to learn about for loops
Teach me about the topics in the following code.
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Python Tutor is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) designed to provide interactive, stepwise coding challenges relating to the Python programming language.

Its goal is to facilitate skill development for learners at varying stages and abilities. Unlike traditional learning resources, Python Tutor GPT is structured to engage learners via discourse, making the learning process conversational and problem-focused.The tool's unique educational process involves the learner expressing their specific interest in a Python topic.

Based on this, Python Tutor GPT generates a tailored learning path involving appropriate coding challenges. Possible topics span the entire range of Python programming, including, but not limited to, loops, data structures, and object-oriented programming, allowing learners to grasp various Python concepts.Python Tutor GPT stands out because of its capability to adjust the complexity level of its coding challenges depending upon user readiness.

Consequently, it can accommodate both beginners who are freshly diving into Python programming, and more experienced coders who wish to refine their skills.An important dimension of Python Tutor GPT lies in its unique approach of educating via discourse.

This ensures learners gain knowledge in an engaging way, promoting retention while battling the often dry and abstract nature of programming education.


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