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Efficient web app development without coding.
Generated by ChatGPT

ROQ.ai is a tool that allows users to quickly build and deploy SaaS web applications using prompts and plain English descriptions. With this tool, users can describe their app in simple terms and receive a fully deployed web app and the accompanying source code.

The generated app includes a data model, APIs, forms, authentication, roles, permissions, and notifications. Users can build on top of this prototype and accelerate their development project by leveraging ROQ's pre-integrated features.

By utilizing ROQ.ai, users can launch their finished SaaS application weeks earlier with more features from day one.Some key benefits of using ROQ.ai include maximizing productivity by having the AI engine do the complex thinking and turning ideas into code, getting a head start on building core features, and having a comprehensive set of standard SaaS features available from the start.

These features include secure login and access management, notifications, chat, and file management.ROQ.ai is designed to help users launch their SaaS web applications quickly and efficiently, allowing them to focus on building their app's unique value proposition.

It offers a streamlined and user-friendly experience, making it easy for developers to turn their ideas into real products without the need for extensive coding knowledge or expertise.


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ROQ was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Efficient web app development
No-code solution
Quick build and deploy
Plain English prompts
Includes source code
Generated app with data model
Includes APIs, forms, authentication
Features roles and permissions
Offers notifications
Prototype build acceleration
Pre-integrated features
Launch apps earlier
Maximize productivity
Turns ideas into code
Head start on features
Comprehensive SaaS features
Secure login and access
Includes chat and notifications
File management included
Focus on unique value
User-friendly experience
Minimal coding knowledge needed
Generates Next.js prototypes
Creates DB Schemas
REST API included
User management capabilities
In-app chat feature
Generates email & SMS notifications
Generates list views
Automatic code generation
GDPR ready
Supports file uploads
Interactive prompts
Customizable prototypes
From Developers for Developers
Community support via Slack
Includes Registration & Login features


Limited customization options
Dependency on ROQ's features
Not for complex projects
Limited to SaaS web apps
Requires understanding of prompts
Limited control over code generation
Might not satisfy advanced developers
No indication of offline working
No explicit multi-language support


What is ROQ.ai?
How does ROQ.ai allow users to develop web applications?
What sort of prototypes does ROQ.ai generate?
What features are integrated into ROQ.ai's pre-built prototypes?
How does ROQ.ai help speed up the app development process?
What are the key benefits of using ROQ.ai?
What SaaS features does ROQ.ai offer?
Does ROQ.ai require users to have coding knowledge?
How long does it take to generate a prototype with ROQ.ai?
What specifically is included in the source code provided by ROQ.ai?
How is user management handled by ROQ.ai?
Does ROQ.ai offer any communication features such as chats or notifications?
What sort of file management capabilities does ROQ.ai have?
What other ROQ.ai users have to say about the tool?
How does ROQ.ai enhance productivity for its users?
How much faster can an app be launched using ROQ.ai?
Does ROQ.ai have a free trial?
Is ROQ.ai GDPR ready?
Does ROQ.ai offer any community support like forums or chats?
Where can I find more information about ROQ.ai's pricing?

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