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Collaborative chat with interactive conversations.
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yiyi is an AI tool that offers useful and playful AI services. It allows users to easily engage in limitless conversations with a powerful AI through a simple chat interface.

Users can also create their own chatbots, personalizing their AI experience. yiyi provides access to state-of-the-art models like GPT 3.5 Turbo, GPT 3.5 Turbo 16K, and GPT 4, ensuring advanced conversational capabilities.

The tool also offers multiple services, including chat with GPT, grammar checker, Python REPL, and Bard, which cater to different needs and provide diverse answers.One unique feature of yiyi is the ability to create group chats with up to five bots, allowing users to engage in multi-bot conversations for collaborative purposes or to explore different perspectives.

The tool offers additional features such as automatic summarization for conversations that exceed context length limits, customizable message layouts, dark mode for aesthetic preferences, and shortcut options beyond the standard "Enter to submit" functionality.yiyi offers both free and pro plans.

The free plan includes basic features, a limited number of HALs (yiyi's resource unit), and the ability to create group chats with up to two bots. The pro plan, available for a monthly, one-time payment, offers increased resource limits, access to the latest features, and the ability to create group chats with up to five bots.Founded in 2023, yiyi aims to deliver high-quality AI products and continues to explore new advancements.

Users can reach out to yiyi's team through email for inquiries or suggestions.


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Pros and Cons


Limitless conversations
User-created chatbots
Multiple services (Grammar, Python REPL)
Up to five bots group chat
Automated conversation summarization
Customizable message layout
Dark mode
Shortcut options
Free and pro plans
Increased resource limits (pro)
Access to latest features (pro)
Email support


Limited free plan features
Daily usage limit
Monthly usage limit
Up to 5 bots only
No real-time collaborative feature
No mobile application
Limited customization options
No multi-language support
No API integration
Closed source

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