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GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's talk blockchain.
Sample prompts:
Explain how blockchain works.
What are blockchain's societal impacts?
Discuss blockchain security.
Future of blockchain?
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Blockchain Bot is a GPT developed by that is specifically built with a focus on the blockchain sector. This AI-powered tool aims to provide detailed insights, discussions, and concepts around blockchain technology, its societal impacts, security aspects, as well as predictions about its future.

By utilizing the power of ChatGPT's linguistic models, Blockchain Bot offers a broad understanding of blockchain topics with a user-friendly conversational interface.

When engaging with the tool, users receive a welcome message that sets the tone to 'Let's talk blockchain,' immediately establishing its focal point. Furthermore, the tool provides prompt starters to guide users in their inquiries, such as 'Explain how blockchain works,' 'What are blockchain's societal impacts?,' 'Discuss blockchain security,' and 'Future of blockchain?'.

This makes it an excellent tool for anyone seeking to gain knowledge about blockchain, ranging from novices who are trying to comprehend blockchain basics to professionals seeking detailed insights into more complex aspects.

Please note that to access Blockchain Bot, potential users are required to sign up and it necessitates a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, implying that it may come with additional advanced features afforded by the premium plan.


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Blockchain Bot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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