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Build & deploy intelligent virtual assistants with Floatbot.
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Agent M is an AI tool by Floatbot, specifically built to create, train and deploy intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs), also known as Agent LLM. The primary function of this tool is to automate complex conversations.

This Generative AI-based Master Agent is designed to connect to your data, communicate with APIs, and provide solutions to intricate problems. Agent M encapsulates a variety of features provided by Floatbot like omnichannel chatbots, voice AI that supports multiple languages, live chat with a co-browsing solution, AI Agent Assist if human intervention is needed, real-time ASR for voice-based applications, and advanced voice recognition technology for security purposes.

It is also capable of cognitive search, allowing it to enable self-learning from unstructured data for your conversational AI bots. Thanks to these capabilities, Agent M can significantly boost productivity, foster efficient collaboration, and greatly improve the customer experience.

Agent M is designed to be used in various industries such as banking, insurance, and BPO, among others. It provides a free trial for users who would like to explore its features and functionalities before availing of the service.


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Agent M was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 10th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates complex conversations
Omnichannel chatbots support
Real-Time ASR
Advanced voice recognition
Cognitive Search capabilities
Self-learning from unstructured data
Co-Browsing Live Chat
Applies to various industries
Free trial available
Boosts productivity
Improves customer experience
Intelligent Automation
API communication
Handles complex problems
Latency improvement
No-code bot builder
Built-in memory module
Proprietary LLM Master Agent
Specific agent training
Automates BPO operations
Automates claims submissions
No credit card required for trial
Automates user sales journey
Agent orchestration
Supports 150+ languages
Real-time voice-based applications
Cognitive search optimization
CRM integration
Seamless API integration
Floatbot armor for security
Human-like conversations
Connects to user's data
NEO - Speech Transcription
User state management
Responsive in <5 seconds
Token usage optimization
Automates debt collection
Schedule a demo feature


Lacks clear pricing structure
No mention of scalability
Potentially complex to implement
Specific industry focus
Potential language limitations
ASR not 100% accurate
No documented success cases
No mention of data privacy
Unclear integration process
No third-party tool integrations


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Does Agent M improve productivity and collaboration?
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What is the Agent Assist feature in Agent M?
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Can Agent M deploy Intelligent Virtual Assistants?
Does Agent M support self-learning from unstructured data?
Can Agent M connect with data?
How can Agent M resolve intricate problems?
Is Agent M suitable for the banking and insurance industries?
How can Agent M boost productivity?

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