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Automate your journey from private data to A.I. application.
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Unbody is an advanced AI system aimed at simplifying the intricate process of utilizing private data in AI applications. The tool provides a robust pipeline, enabling businesses to directly apply their own secure data to AI solutions of their choice.

It removes the complexities traditionally associated with this process, allowing users to establish connections between their data sets and desired AI functionalities in a simplified manner.

Unbodys application potential ranges from chatbot creation to semantic searches, all achievable through minimal programming effort.Unbody supports a wide array of AI models, offering flexibility to users in choosing their AI tools without being reliant on any particular provider.

The system also ensures that private data resides at its original location and supports multiple data formats and connectors for smooth integration with various platforms, like Google Drive or Microsoft Sharepoint.

The AI functionalities provided by Unbody can be accessed remotely over a GraphQL API or using SDKs in an effortless manner.Unbody's convenience and adaptability are further enhanced by its single line of code implementation.

Besides, the tool's comprehensive compatibility includes connections with various sources such as Slack, Discord, and local file systems while accommodating numerous data formats, thus providing a flexible, user-friendly tool for a broad variety of AI uses across different platforms and data types.


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Unbody was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 5th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Simplifies private data utilization
Robust pipeline for data
Private data stays local
Supports multiple data formats
Smooth integration with platforms
Remote access via GraphQL API
Easy implementation with SDKs
Single line of code implementation
Compatible with various sources
Flexible across platforms and data
Supports chatbot creation
Capable of semantic searches
Low code requirement
Cross-platform compatibility
Air-tight data privacy
Google Drive integration
Compatible with Microsoft Sharepoint
Connections with Slack and Discord
Friendly with local file systems
Data integration facilities
One API endpoint usage


Limited to server-side applications
Dependent on GraphQL API
Lacks support for certain platforms
Potential privacy concerns
Specific SDKs required
Relies heavily on connectivity
Requires understanding of data connectors
Only supports remote access
Single line of code might limit flexibility


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Is Unbody compatible with multiple data formats?
Which platforms can be integrated with Unbody?
How can I access the AI functionalities provided by Unbody?
What does it mean by single line of code implementation in Unbody?
Is Unbody compatible with Discord and Slack?
Can I use Unbody for chatbot creation?
Can Unbody be used for semantic searches?
How does Unbody automate the journey from private data to AI application?
Is Unbody flexible with different AI tools?
Can I use Unbody remotely over a GraphQL API?
How is Google Drive Integration performed in Unbody?
What is the smallest programming effort needed to use Unbody?
Can I connect my data to any AI model of my choice using Unbody?
Does Unbody only work with specific data connectors or all?
What is the 'one API' feature in Unbody?

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