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Accelerates development of smart apps and chatbots
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Horizon AI Template is an Admin Dashboard Template, ChatBot, and Starter Kit designed for creating AI SaaS Apps, Chatbot Projects, and Prompts. Built with React, NextJS, and Chakra UI, this tool allows users to create outstanding AI applications and projects 10 times faster.

The Horizon AI Template provides a wide range of features, including over 31 ready-to-use pages and more than 100 frontend individual elements such as buttons, inputs, navbars, nav tabs, cards, and alerts.

With this flexibility, users have the freedom to choose and combine these elements to suit their specific needs.It is important to note that the tool is built on OpenAI's ChatGPT technology, which enables developers to integrate powerful conversational AI capabilities into their applications.

This integration allows for the creation of chatbots, prompts, and AI-powered SaaS applications.The tool's compatibility with React, NextJS, and Chakra UI ensures smooth and efficient development, as these frameworks and libraries are widely used in the web development community.Overall, Horizon AI Template provides a comprehensive solution for developers and businesses looking to leverage AI technologies.

It offers a streamlined development process and empowers users to easily create AI-driven applications and projects in a shorter amount of time.


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Pros and Cons


Accelerates smart apps development
Accelerates chatbots apps development
Admin Dashboard Template provided
ChatBot creation support
Starter Kit availability
Optimised for Chatbot Projects
Optimised for Prompts
React compatibility
NextJS compatibility
Chakra UI compatibility
Over 31 ready-to-use pages
Over 100 frontend individual elements
Flexible elements combination
Streamlined development process
Dark/light theme support
Fast response to user operations
Fully coded page examples
Fully responsive design
Production-ready prompts availability
Structured coded components
Templates for various user needs
Free updates and elements library growth
High-priority support via Discord or contact mail
Fully customizable themes
Clean & structured design
Access to detailed product documentation
Lifetime free updates for components
Fully responsive across devices
One-time payment for lifetime access
Enterprise-wide unlimited access
Premium Support for defined period
Figma file availability
Community support
Open-source use permission
Enterprise-level projects support
Variety of pricing plans
Premium ChatGPT template prompts
Optimized with latest technologies
Boosted productivity with ready-use pages
Privacy protection and cookie settings
Adaptable and scalable architecture
Simplifies web development experiences
Page wise access differentiation


Requires React, NextJS, Chakra UI knowledge
Limited pre-built elements
Doesn't support other languages
Dependent on third-party tools
Limited customization options
Potential privacy issues


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What frontend individual elements does Horizon AI Template provide?
What capabilities does Horizon AI Template's integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT technology offer?
How can Horizon AI Template aid in the development of chatbots and prompts?
Does Horizon AI Template offer customization for unique project needs?
What makes Horizon AI Template a comprehensive solution for developers?
Can Horizon AI Template be used for developing projects more quickly?
Is Horizon AI Template built on OpenAI's ChatGPT technology?
Does Horizon AI Template offer both dark and light themes?
Which frameworks and libraries is Horizon AI Template compatible with?
How easy is it to integrate Horizon AI Template into a web development project?
Can I use Horizon AI Template to create AI SaaS applications?
Can Horizon AI Template be used to create AI-powered apps?
What does the Horizon AI Template provide to streamline the development process?
How can Horizon AI Template empower users to create AI-driven applications?

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